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You may well want to use a medium or a fine pencil for this section. For example, in some situations, it just seems safer to use a pencil that’s a little lighter. Or if you are trying to replicate what you’re seeing, you may better use a pencil of a slightly heavier colour (for instance, a pale yellow).

Also, you can find pencils with smaller nibs and smaller nib widths (for instance, thinner lines, less pressure, and a little more resistance), which makes a bit of difference in terms of what kind of pressure you need to apply when drawing.

The other option, as in the previous section, is to use a very medium pencil.

You may be familiar with the term medium nib. This is the largest possible aperture.

For instance, you wouldn’t use this in the illustration above, as the lines are still too thin to be visible at all.

However, what this medium nib allows you to do is achieve very fast lines that can actually be viewed when you hold the pen against your paper.

This enables you to draw very fluid line drawings using a brush or marker tip. It doesn’t require the same pressure or pressure-sensitive nib as a pen that has quite large an aperture, making it very comfortable to draw with.

Another point is it’s easier to see the pen tip against a smooth piece of paper, because you can actually see what’s coming through, and the pen is much easier on your drawing hand when drawn with a brush or marker.

Finally, one last point is that you can make the pen even more convenient to draw with by using a pencil with medium nib instead of a larger nib, as it allows your pen to write even more fluidly and smoothly, especially since we’ve got a medium nib.

However, you know, a nib for a pen is just a nib for a pen – it doesn’t give you any advantages over a pen or pencil just because the manufacturer calls those nibs ‘medium’, ‘fine’, or ‘sharp’.

To reiterate though, when writing with a pencil or marker, you’re drawing not drawing, you’re not drawing with pencil or marker, you’re just drawing. Your pencil or marker isn’t used for anything beyond penmanship (pencil or marker tips are still necessary. But not pen, not pen).

On a more practical note, if you’re drawing straight lines and need a larger nib size, if you feel comfortable

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