What does HB mean on a pencil? – Pencil Drawings For Girlfriend

The HB on your pencil is a “white line (sometimes called ‘transformed’),” meaning it’s a line that has been cut. This line is supposed to be straight, but the pencil isn’t perfectly square so it can get in between the corners of the pencil, leading to an irregular line.

Why does the HB on my pencil look different from others?

Holes can be created by putting more or less pressure on the paper after the last ink mark. For example, if you’re making one-character letters or a line of numbers, you’ll probably find it harder to get a completely straight line than a line that has been cut.

What is the difference between a two-line HB on one side and a three-line HB on another?

One-letter or word-case HBs, such as the ones on the page, don’t always have the same width, though you won’t notice the difference until you start to check the numbers on a computer.

A third-space HB can make a line on the computer’s screen seem larger.

If you’re making three-digit numbers or words, you may have the same problem as the one-letter HB. If you need to type something quickly, however, you’ll have to deal with a two-line HB while the others are a one- or two-digit HB.

How much force should I use to cut a HB on a piece of paper?

With this rule in mind, the safest and most effective way is to use a pencil that has a smooth, curved handle. However, any kind of smooth, straight-acting pencil will cut the HB without damaging it. The trick is to use your thumb and index finger to keep the line parallel to the paper.

What exactly is a “white line”?

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The white line is supposed to be straight, even when you have an irregularly shape on the paper. The “wrong” way to test the white line: use a pencil that’s been “blacked out” (used a lot), to check to see how straight and even it turns out. You’ll probably be able to tell the difference even if the paper isn’t perfectly straight (it may seem like an “oversized” line, especially if you’re working with two sheets of paper, a drawing pad, or a piece of paper that had been rolled into something else).

Is this the only kind of HB you should worry about?

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