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There are thousands of ways to create your own style. Here in this tutorial we’ll show you the easy way to edit the style that you see in our app and in the final product.

A large number of people are still living in the villages that comprise the city of Hama, Syria’s second largest city, which has become a focal point in the region’s conflict as it attempts to keep the siege of the besieged rebel stronghold at bay.

The UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams are currently carrying out a medical operation in the besieged towns of Hama and Madaya, in which they hope to find the missing people. The teams are using the same procedures as were carried out in the besieged areas of eastern Aleppo and Khanaser, which resulted in the liberation of approximately 30,000 people, according to the New York Times. The operation is planned to run to December 19.

In the meantime, the UN is attempting to coordinate rescue and relief operations and provide assistance to residents of Hama, Madaya and Zabadani, with a focus on treating the wounded. According to the report, the mission is expected to cost between US$50 to $65 million. The funds will be divided into several aid streams: food, fuel and housing.

The UN report states that the majority of displaced people are concentrated in the rebel-held towns of Hama and Madaya, which are the only town in the area that received full support from the international community following the attack on its eastern outskirts this past August. The two towns have also been held by Assad’s regime for over a year.

As previously reported, on September 12, UN war crimes investigators issued the first assessment on crimes committed by Assad, the Syrian regime and their allies during the Aleppo conflict, concluding that the government was responsible for 434 separate violations of international law during the conflict, including the murder of more than 100 people, an airstrike that hit a crowded school, multiple unlawful executions, and the destruction of at least 17 water pipelines.

On September 21, UN war crimes investigator Juan Mendez, who is currently in the United States, released another report assessing the state of the siege of Aleppo, which included the discovery of large holes in the southern border of the besieged city. The holes were discovered after the evacuation of Aleppo by a large convoy of humanitarian aid that was held up for six days due to the continuing siege of the rebel stronghold.

The humanitarian aid convoy, consisting of more than 900 trucks bringing essential humanitarian supplies to Aleppo,

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