What is a 2b pencil for? – Pencil Drawing Images Black And White To Do List

I don’t exactly know, but it appears to be a pencil designed to help users take smaller notes. The point of the pencil is to be used to write a simple note like: “I want to watch some movie about a girl with a boyfriend”. It’s a pen that helps you do so. I have another design where the tips will make it easier to write words. For a more detailed list of features check out the full manual.

Here is how I made my final design with the 2b pencil.

How to Make a 2b Pencil

Step 1 – Take your 2b pencil.

I took my 2b pen with a 1mm tip and a 0.5mm pen tip and glued the 2b pencil tip to the 1mm pen tip so that I could glue the 2b pencil to the 1/2″ Pen Pen Tip.

Step 2 – Cut the 1mm pen tip off.

From a ruler, cut the 1mm pen tip off and keep it. Now cut two 1mm lines and glue the 2b pencil line to the 1mm pen line.

Step 3 – Insert the 2b pencil, make a groove in the tip of the pen.

Insert the 2b pencil in the 1mm pocket and bend the tip of the 2b pencil slightly at the bottom.

Step 4 – Glue together with the other end of the 2b pencil.

Make some stitches in the 2b pencil and glue back together with the other end. Make sure you do not glue through the 2b pencil.

And that’s all! Now you have a nice looking 2 pen pencil.

Here is an update on the 2 pen pencil:

The 2 pen pencil has changed a bit since this was last posted. I finally got around to making it with the 0.5mm Tip. The reason is due to the changing popularity of this tip. As of the writing of this post, I have been using both the 2b and 1/2″ pens. My original 2b pencil design is with the 2b pen tip to allow faster writing with the 0.5mm tip. The new 2b pencil has the 2b pencil tip with the 0.5mm tip to avoid writing in your writing space and to facilitate easy writing.

Another thing I did for this post are showing more examples of how to write with the 2b pencil. I also use this style more and more.

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