What is the darkest graphite pencil? – Easy Black And White Pencil Drawings

How can this pencil be so bright?
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A recent article by John E. Smith of the Washington Post is a very well-written piece, and it really deserves to be read. You may notice that Mr. Smith is using the term “American exceptionalism” a lot more often than any other writers I’ve seen. Most of this seems to be a reaction to the recent Trump presidency – but it’s not, as I wrote about some time ago, because people are more worried about Donald Trump’s presidency than about US exceptionalism in the first place. There has always been a tension between our ability to act as an independent country on the world stage and our ability to do whatever we wish, at our own pace, in our own way, with no one else to control us. I’m still very critical of the Bush administration, but we were always an independent country. Now the USA is an independent country – except for certain policies concerning foreign policy, and certain things going on abroad. But America is still an exceptional nation, with lots of things to worry about, many of which may well be related to the past, and many of which are unrelated to the present. It just means that things that happened long ago make a difference, even if they don’t relate to the present.

The first step in solving this problem is to identify it, because it’s so important. Americans who are worried about Mr. Trump’s agenda are talking about “American exceptionalism.” It’s important to get the term out into the open, and I think Mr. Smith does that brilliantly. I think he could have put in a lot more details about how and why, or given the details of the problem he is addressing, the problem might have been much worse.

But most people don’t understand what’s going on, and they’re not even aware of the history of how America was always an extraordinary nation, at the same time as being exceptional at getting others to do its negotiating. I do think Americans are becoming comfortable enough with their own uniqueness, and have no need to justify it, that we aren’t so confident about the exceptional nature of the US. They don’t need to. People need to have clear and immediate knowledge of what America was actually like before the US, or before any other nation, was in control of our actions and our destiny.

One of Mr. Smith

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