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Why are these two such different things?”

Tiffany’s eyes grow wider, then the shock of realization strikes: “They are called ‘tiffany penpals.’ ”

And they will never stop calling them that, the words. What does Tiffany think of them?

Tiffany’s life has been a roller coaster, a roller-coaster of a ride. What is one to make of it?

It’s hard to say. To Tiffany, life is life — it’s just a lot of pain.

When she’s sick, it’s just another day at the hospital. To her, she feels like a failure, like she’s no one. Or like nobody matters when she’s sick.

“It’s hard to look at it through the eyes of somebody else, because it’s not what we’re trying to get at,” she said. “It’s just another day at the hospital.”

At the end of the day, Tiffany feels like she failed, like she left something behind.

It’s that feeling, that sense of abandonment from somebody she loves more than anything. That’s what brought her from the East Side of Chicago to a place called Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where she has moved three times because she can’t handle the pain. She feels like a failure, that she’s “not a great person. Not everything that’s good is.”

The pain is constant. But Tiffany’s life has turned around. She’s worked, and she’s married. One recent winter morning she stood outside a beauty store in Poughkeepsie on her way to work.

“You should go home,” Tiffany said. “What’s wrong with you?”

There’s a smile on her face.

“I’m tired of not having a life.”

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It has not always been easy.

‘They’re killing the people’

It’s late March.

Tiffany is at her desk in the office she shares with another assistant. It’s an old fashioned space. A small kitchen, a big window with a large window for natural light.

One of her favorite things is to walk her beautiful dog through the wooded areas where the family lives when its snow is deep.

But lately, the dog is getting too tired to walk.

Tiffany sits at her desk as she writes. In her hand, she holds a pen, and for the next

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