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Pencil paper is made from a mixture of carbon and graphite, and is also known as graphite.

How are pencils made?

Pens are made by grinding together a metal bar and a wood core. In China, the metal bar is formed by pressing and heating a mixture of iron and copper, then combining the mixture with sand and water. The mixture is then covered with a lid and left to grow the graphite. This process is repeated for each sheet of paper that is pressed.

What causes pencils to deteriorate?

There are two major factors that affect pencil quality: acid and lead. The acid factor is caused by the presence of the base lead compound in the paper. This is caused by the removal of the carbon base by alkalis, often produced by wood and clay. The alkalis have the effect of degrading the graphite. The lead compound is usually added through the process of adding water to carbon or potassium to make graphite, which is then removed after the paper has been dried. The process of acid formation causes the deterioration of both the graphite and the pencil that is used for study.

What is the relationship between the levels of carbon and the levels of acid?

The presence of carbon in the pencil leads to a decrease in the quality of the paper. When a single element is present, its quantity in the medium determines its quality. Two different substances have different quantities of the same element, and the presence of the two in the medium has a strong effect on the quality and characteristics of the finished papers. The presence of carbon in the composition does not necessarily affect the quality of the final paper; however, the carbon is likely to decrease its quantity, the quality of the paper will be reduced, and the quality of the ink will be degraded. If it is added to the composition of the paper, it will produce an increase in acid, and the rate that it will effect the paper will also be different. The amount of graphite added can be increased by adding additional carbon to the composition, but it will be lost if the paper is printed on a carbon-based paper.

Where is the greatest damage done by acid during the printing process?

During the first phase of printing, acid has a very small effect on paper quality. The process of mixing the two ingredients in paper in one solution creates an equilibrium that allows paper to be printed without major degradation of the paper. However, while both the carbon and graphite are present together

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