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A pencil is a tool. It looks different than the others: it is larger, it has a pointed tip, it can be used in both hands. For instance, when I look at a picture of my children and try to draw them it feels weird to make them all point the same direction. We call them ‘A’ and ‘B’, even though they are not, or should not be ‘A’ and ‘B’. My children are ‘B’ and ‘C’, etc. You also do not draw people, trees, etc. You use pencils for drawing and writing. Your pencil is a drawing tool, not a marker.

The purpose of an ‘x’ on a board is to indicate what is to be drawn. But what does this mean? Why does the board have a line for what has to be drawn on it?

In our schools the lines for things have been crossed off, so that they just look like blank lines and not the proper lines.

Why are lines for drawings so important?

Because we also have a line for what must be written on it. Our students need to write things down and then give them back to us. A single line might not suffice. But a cross-section of a piece of paper is not sufficient. We need them to have a cross-section of their words at the same time. That is what the ‘x’ is for.

Is it useful to draw a whole page?

No. Drawings should be self-contained, so that when you look at it again later, you will not have to look over the same page.

What is an ‘X’ on a board?

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An ‘X’ indicates for what piece of paper and how many words and pages it will have. A cross-section of a piece of paper is necessary. In fact, there is no cross-section of a piece of paper. A cross-section is a line running inside the circle of the circle in front of the drawing. For instance, if you draw on a 3D square and then apply your mouse, it will look like a 3D sphere, so you need a 3D cross-section.

When you look at a 3D cross-section, if you know the shape of a square or circle, you can follow how the cross-section lines up against it.

Are you drawing words in your own handwriting?

I’ve done it once, but I found that it

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