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In order to draw a card, I need to know the cost of each card.

How do I calculate the cost of the card?

The Cost of the card (COC) formula is actually quite simple – you just need to multiply the cost of the card by 10 for all the different mana costs. For example, to calculate the cost of a card with the Mana cost of 3, you need to multiply the mana cost of that card by 10 (3 x 10).

The formula is, for the mana cost of 3: COC = (5 + 3) + (5 + 1) = 13.

How do I know whether the card is an insta-kill?

I have seen many cards that deal a large amount of damage immediately (like Dragonlord Silumgar) as they can be played immediately. I will not go into detail here – the point is that the card is a “destroyer” of the opponent at the start of the turn, and it is necessary that the opponent deal a certain amount of damage to it first before it can deal its damage. In this scenario, the opponent must not be able to deal more than 3 damage before the card will reach the top of the stack and hit an opponent. For more information on this card, consult

The rule of thumb for deciding whether a card is an insta-kill is quite simple – the more damage that has been dealt to the opponent since the last time this card was played (from a trigger or the like), the stronger the trigger and the easier it is for the player to win the game. It does not matter if this has happened 3 times in a row (the trigger might have been triggered twice this turn). However, for cards with a trigger, a small percentage of these cards may require a player to cast that trigger 3 times in a row.

Does every game have an identical decklist?

No, there is never an identical decklist between different tournaments.

Can a deck be used as a tournament theme deck?

I cannot answer that myself – however, I would like to make a suggestion here. For example, it would be cool to be able to use the Blue/Fate/Soul as a tournament theme deck (with FATE as the focus). If everyone can use decks that are similar in

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