What is free drawing? – Easy Pencil Drawing Pictures Of Scenery

Free drawing is an event in which a person is paid to draw a picture for a fee. The name of the artist was drawn on the side of the canvas. A man could be paid from £5 to £20 for a drawing. A woman could be paid from up to £20 for a drawing.

The main reasons for this event were to improve quality of life and to improve the lives of local people who needed good quality picture paintings sent by post to local schools.

In total more than 100 people drew with an opportunity paid for from donations to the church, for the children’s charities or for the schools.

On the following day the participants could return a drawing completed with the artist so they could be reimbursed from their payment. The artist would receive 1/10 of the fee, for instance £5, whereas the cost of the picture was 2/10 of the amount paid.

Each participant had a number of drawings to complete. Each of the drawings was signed and had a date. The participants would be paid by cheque to the artist for their drawings at the end of the event. When payment was made the artist would post the drawing.

After the participants had contributed their money it was sent to local schools. Schools were invited to contact the school to collect drawings to send home.

The paintings were sent by Post so the recipients could sign them and give out the payment. The money was delivered by post to the recipient’s address and a receipt must be sent to the school.

People who signed a drawing could choose to print a photograph of themselves. These pictures were sent to the schools after the money had been paid. It was possible for children to receive free prints from their school teachers.

Children may also have been asked to sign their drawings using tape. The drawings were kept for the school and for the local children. It was up to the teacher to make sure that the images were sent to the right school.

Why is this happening?

This event was started by Peter Green in 1995 and by Peter Brown and Paul Drysdale in 1996 and so the event was known as drawing day. It has been supported by all parties involved, including the Arts Council England, the Welsh Assembly and Wales Police. The event was also supported by the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government.

How was it organised?

All the funds paid by people attending were distributed according to the following procedures:

Each participant had a number of

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