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Graphite is a crystalline form of iron that does not contain lead. Unlike lead, it does not react with water and other solvents. It is a silvery-white and metallic metal that is used in building structures (see our graphite product page).

How do I melt graphite?

The powder will be very hard, hard enough that you could drill through it without breaking the pencil. If you melt the powder in a pot on a stove or in a pan of boiling water in your bathtub (do this for 60 seconds, then check the color of the water), then the pencil will begin to solidify. When the reaction is over and the ink is completely removed, the pencil will turn into molten graphite, with the top layer still solid. If you are melting an entire pencil, you probably have to use a mill or other special equipment that can do this for you.

What does this mean when people ask me why can’t I find graphite pencils in the grocery store?

It is very common for people to buy graphite pencils online that cost much more than the retail price of a similar pencil in your local Wal-Mart or CVS. This is because many people cannot afford to buy the pencil they want. The graphite is too expensive (or too rare) in price to have the chance of it becoming widely available in retail stores.

The graphite is sold in a form called graphite oxide. The graphite is deposited (melted) in an oxidizer known as an iron oxide and then mixed with air to form black lead or graphite. The graphite is in a glass form until it is completely dry, and then the graphite is poured back into the oxidizer. It looks like it may be melting, and it’s not. The pencil has not been melted. It is very difficult to find even a very basic graphite pencil that does not have all of the lead and/or graphite oxidized.

Is every brand of graphite pencil different?

Yes. There are about 100 different brands of graphite pencil that are in various stages of production. There is also a big difference between black lead and yellow lead.

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Can graphite pencils be used to write on the paper?

The lead on the pencil is not actually used to write the actual words on a paper. The lead and graphite are mixed in an oxidizer and then heated to form the graphite. In

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