What is graphite pencil made of? – Pencil Drawing Tutorial

Graphite is naturally occurring iron oxide. Iron is the most common ore used to make alloys. There are many grades of graphite. Common graphite is not a good substitute for actual graphite, although it can be used if you have a supply.

How is it used in this tool? The iron carbon in a graphite pencil is fused to the graphite. The graphite has been heated to tens of thousands of degrees and the carbon is exposed to heat and oxygen, forming the hard iron carbon. After the iron carbon is formed, it is pressed down against a small piece of steel. A small amount of the metal is then pressed out where it contacts the steel, forming a small amount of graphite pencil. This small amount of carbon is the material which produces the thin flakes of graphite with the sharp graphite tip. This material may not be suitable for use on any types of sharp tools.

What is the metal used for and will it have a negative effect on the life of the pencil? The iron carbon is highly flammable. We strongly recommend using a metal compound to protect the graphite. A protective covering is supplied with the tool. This metal compound has a thin film of metal on it. This reduces friction, and it acts as a barrier which prevents rusting of the graphite pencil. We recommend that all graphite pencils are covered with a film of this protective agent whenever needed and any time the pencil is changed. To protect yourself from flame, be sure to store this brush of graphite pencil inside a plastic bag.

What happens if the pencil accidentally touches a metal object? As the graphite melts away from the solid metal object, it will have a different appearance. As this process continues, the hard iron carbon will form a new form, called a black carbon. A thin white or gray film of graphite can also result as it is compressed. This film of graphite has the property of becoming hard after a time. This softening of the graphite is why it is so often used in pencils. As the graphite melts away from the new black carbon form, it will also give off a small amount of oxygen which will produce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air which will damage the graphite. This results in a red graphite color. Carbon dioxide damage leaves the graphite powder unusable.

What is the effect of the oxygen produced during the cooling process of the chemical reaction? The oxygen can leave the graphite as a dark

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