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There was a good bit of “who is playing what” at last week’s show; I’d like to try putting all of this into words on this blog. I’ve been sketching at a lot of events over the past two years, including the one at which I made the initial presentation to the University of Texas at Austin. (Here’s a good story of my time at that event.) I have a tendency to sketch “at-home” because this gives me the greatest control over what goes into the sketch. I’ve sketched more than a few times, but I would like to do a more formal talk, because my talk went well. First, I’d like to address some basic questions about how to set up a show, especially one which has such a tight time frame. For one thing, don’t make it obvious to the audience that they’re in for a special live sketch that they won’t get to see again, particularly in such a tight time frame. Second, don’t let your audience know you’re talking about your sketch until you’ve begun the act. I’ve had several people ask me about whether they could leave the theater during a bit of a comedy routine I’m in. Since I’m sketching, I just keep the audience guessing all the way into the act. Third, be sure to have a “briefly” or “shortly” description of your sketch. Having a sketch which will be on TV at the end of the show doesn’t make sense. If you’re just doing it for the laughs, you can tell the story in a couple of minutes, and then turn the show around in the interest of trying another sketch. But if you’re trying to build a following for the show, you obviously can’t skip a bit and introduce what the sketch is about by the end of the first 20 to 30 seconds of the first sketch, but you can start with what the story is about when you’re doing the last 2 to 3 minutes of the show at your show. 4. What’s good for the audience? There are times when I know I’ve set it up in a way that will get the crowd’s laughs, because it looks like it was well thought out, or it was well thought out and well executed. I’m in a really good spot right now because I’ve been doing my improv shows for about two and a half years and the audience has been really good, because not only are the acts really good, but they’re not afraid to make me laugh. In my
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