What is pencil illustration? – Pencil Drawings Of Florida

(a) When it’s an original idea. (b) When somebody brings it and says, “I can design it with pen and ink and colored pencil.” (c) When there are a couple of people involved. (d) When it’s a commercial thing. [See “Cartoon illustration”.]

2.2.2 (a) Is there a rule or convention that makes pencil drawing an illustration? Is there a guideline or rule of conduct used in the industry?

(b) Should designers use color charts as their guide? Should they use a ruler or ruler to draw the pencil image?

(c) If yes, how often and how strongly should this be done?

(d) How much time should be devoted to these exercises?

2.2.3 (a) How can artists get a pencil drawing that’s a reasonable representation of what they’ve been working on in their own mind? How can artists find inspiration from other people?

Note: Many people who have no idea what pencil illustration is, have done pencil illustrations. So, “Pencil illustration” may not be a very good word to use with artists who’ve never done pencil illustrations.

2.2.4 If something that’s pencil illustration isn’t very accurate, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the pencil drawing.

Example: A pencil drawing of a flower may show a flower being placed too high in the pot. It may show that the leaf has not been positioned properly in the drawing. Or it may show that the flower isn’t getting enough water-soluble dye to make the leaves look vibrant green.

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2.2.5 (a) What are some methods for getting your artwork to be a reasonable representation of what’s being drawn?

(b) What is an acceptable compromise?

2.2.6 (a) How do I find out what’s accurate and what’s not? Do I know all the rules?

(b) What is the best way of keeping my work from becoming too accurate?

2.2.7 (a) How can I find a good pencil drawing? Will drawings be more accurate if I use a ruler or ruler to draw the drawing?

(b) What are some techniques for getting it right or close to right?

Example: An artist is sketching something and wants to be very particular about what’s on the drawing. So, he draws an illustration only

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