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It looks like a graphite pencil. Or the hottest lava graphite.

Some graphite pencils feature a tiny drop of graphite at the tip, while still being able to write or draw straight lines. These pencils are also known as “punch pens,” because they use “pulling” the weight of the pencil to write without twisting or bending the pen. These are great for kids, because they can write in their very first pencil without having learning to use a paper-based pen or a drawing pad.

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For some folks, graphite pencils could be too dark for their tastes. To overcome this, there are graphite pencils that glow in the dark, with no ink to speak of. Some graphite pencils feature the same kind of glowing tips as some pen ink (like “Gelato” pens), but they glow more brightly or have a different tint depending on the color light.

When we say “graphite pencils that glow,” we’re talking about two kinds: those made with graphite with a special color light, and those made with graphite with no light at all. We’re talking about the graphite pens that glow with the same brightness of the bright graphite pencils without the ink to speak of.

There were some graphite pencils made with just graphite, without the lighting. These are often black-and-white. Some have an orange glow.

For those who write a lot, this might be too much, but many people write a lot with pencils that glow and have light instead of ink. We call these glow pencils, because they glow in the darkness of night and in the glow of the glow pen. We call these pencils writing pens. These pencils are like pens, but no ink! These writers write in their notebooks, not in their pen.

Some glow pencils, like the kind popularized by the writer James Lyle and used by a number of major publishers like D.C. Harper, are made from the rare, nearly indestructible carbon graphite that is found in certain kinds of sandstone. This is harder than most other kind of graphites, but softer than many other types of graphite. (There are hundreds, if not thousands, of species of carbon graphite.) Some glow graphite pencils are also made from an even harder solid carbon, called silica. These pencils are more resilient than their light-sourced cousins, but less

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