What is the softest drawing pencil? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

Answer: If you can reach for it

Most of the people who make the softest drawing pencils are artists who are just learning about photography. They learn their colors from books which they read for the first time and this is where most beginner’s are confused.

In case you are asking yourself: Can I use other colors besides black and white?

No, you CANNOT use other colors besides black and white. The reason being is that the color “grey” is almost pure hue. The reason it is so hard to do is that there are too many colors as well as saturation to be able to colorize all the ink that you make the black and white, but that is not the case with colors.

If it is too harsh for you to colorize this drawing, then use a black and white pencil. If you have the patience and are able to make it, you can make any color. This is why we say that artists make the best drawing pencils.

If you are wondering to this question: Can I make a black and white drawing of a girl?

Yes you can. For example, here is a simple drawing that can be seen in the picture book of the colorist Kota Hana.

Question Number 2: How many colors can I use when making a drawing on a flat surface?


The more colors you use the harder it is to colorize it. But this is a very good practice to learn because you learn to colorize by observing. This is an important thing since when you colorize at a pencil sharpener for example your drawing becomes sharper and sharper with each time after the sharpening.

With practice you can probably colorize it without touching the drawing sharpener ever. So why make the drawings sharper when you can do it without the sharpener? Also if you can colorize it by taking your eye off it, then you can do it right in front of the sharpener and will be able to colorize it better than your drawing with the sharpener is sharp. So just to be clear this is NOT the same thing as using the pencil on a flat surface.

Question Number 3: Is it easy to make smooth curves when colorizing?


It depends on the thickness of the pencil. If you are using medium thick pencils there is a large chance that the curve will start to break up. This happens when the artist starts to take their eye off

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