What pencil is used for sketching? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

• Which pens are used for drawing?

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• How long does it take to complete a drawing?

• What is a good sketchpad size?

• How long does it take to start using a sketchbook for sketching?

• How do I get sketches done quickly?

• Do I need to keep track of my progress?

• Can I sketch outside?

• Do I need to own a computer?

• Do I have to learn to draw?

• Should I have a friend with me with a camera?

• How do I make my sketches smaller?

• Do I need to buy a computer?

• Why should I buy a “dumb” drawing pen?

• How long is too long to sketch an image that I want to keep?

• Which is easier for me to draw with?

• How much patience do I need to spend drawing each image?

• How long does it take me to draw a character?

• How many “pieces” of paper can an artist use when he is drawing?

• Which is faster for my drawing?

• How long can my sketch come to?

• Do I need to change my sketch every few days?

• How fast do I need to make my paintings?

• What types of materials will I need to use?

• What type of brushes should I use?

• Should I use watercolor?

• Does it take me longer to use it?

• How will I be able to see my work on the screen?

• How much of a help is a pen?

• Is there any other aspect of drawing that I am not prepared to learn?

• Is the work that I do a hobby?

• Do I need to purchase extra copies of my art work?

• Does having access to the internet change my drawing speed?

• Can my drawing be completed in under 30 minutes?

How to draw in a pencil or ink medium?

• Should I use a pencil or inker?

• Which pen is best for me?

• How to draw a person or an animal using only a pen?

• How do I draw small and sharp shapes with a pencil?

• What is the best medium for coloring my drawings?

• Do you need

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