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You’ve probably used an old-fashioned electric pencil since I was a kid, but now, there are more and more colors available to make yours your own. The good news is that they’re more expensive than ever, so this is a good time to start.

For a tutorial on how to make your own pencils, check out the step-by-step guide that we wrote in 2014 that will show you how to make a yellow pencil.

The other good news is that, if you use a pencil, you’ll probably always be able to find a pencil (or two, and maybe three, in a store), so you’ll never have to buy more than your family needs.

If you don’t know what is called “inks,” then you can easily Google ‘ink colors and learn more about the differences.

If you use a ballpoint pen, learn to use different shades of colored ink to give them the perfect color! (See step-by-step article on how to make your own ballpoint pen.)

Also, try out the color wheel. A color wheel is a way to figure out what is meant by different shades of color. Here on Pinterest, you can find a great set with all the color wheel colors (as well as some others that are easier to use).

Don’t forget to add some decorative items to your child’s desk! A few options include:

Beds for children


Duct tape

Mugs or paper towels in different colors

Teacups in different sizes

Suspended balloons

Bugs and other insects

Candy boxes

Lavish decorations

Cereal boxes in different colors

And let’s not forget your own homemade gifts for your child!

These articles have you covered, with much more info. Check them out or give a shout out to the articles that we recommend you to use, and let me know if you have any ideas for how we can improve them.

What do you think of the best ideas for putting your own gifts on little one’s desk?

Also, check out these other tips on how to put gifts on children’s desks:

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