Which is darker 2b or HB?

No, the 2b is darker because it has more blue/red in it, but it’s not super duper white (it’s actually closer to yellowish red) and it’s very pretty!

Q. Is this a good dupe for a white color?

35 Free Cartoon Girl -
Well, I love this color because I can see how the two would be nice complements and would blend together great. Also, this will blend well with any shade in your stash. (I don’t think it’s one of the best for a neutral, so do what works for you!)

Q. Is this matte?

Yes, it is matte. It’s not a matte, but what it does is it blends easily on the skin, just like a MAC or bareMinerals and it just really, really, really blends. It looks like a matte without being one, it’s a medium-dark brown-grey and it’s actually very similar to the texture of a powder lipstick. It’s not gritty or thick and there isn’t a distinct “texture to it” that I would be opposed to. It is matte. It does have a very faint sheen to it but it’s not like there is metallic silver-orange or some sort of metallic gold. The sheen may be like frosted glass-y, but it shouldn’t be that way in your experience!

Q. Why no “Pu$$y” part? Why not “Ripe”?

I don’t like “Ripe” or anything that sounds like “rips”, but “Pu$$y” is exactly this. The two words are used interchangeably but the color really means something to me.

Q. Any more questions?

Here’s your next question.

Q. I really like you! Would you like to hear more in person?

Well, yes, but don’t sign here!

Q. I don’t like that I can’t sign my email here. I’m always sending my orders with a snail mail envelope and it is a pain in the ass!!

Please don’t, it’s super annoying to the point where I’ve had to stop writing and just put it in the spam folder.

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