How do you draw an eye pencil?

-The eye is the most important drawing tool we have (unless you are an artist who cannot draw, in which case I would advise you to skip this post). The eyebrow and nostril are the two most important details to draw. It is important to get the shape of your eye properly sharpened. It is also important to have the right position, eye height and eye line. We should use the pencil with the same intensity as we would use to draw in pencil.

-When it comes to drawing eyebrows, it’s really the size we care about. You need to make sure the length, width and height of your eyebrow is right (remember: the bigger the better!)

-If you have a really long eyebrow, then you might want to use some extra pencil to reduce the amount of work you have to do. This would also require you to bring your hand closer to your eye as you draw the eyebrow. You might, as the same is true of nose, nose position etc. It’s all about getting it just right and drawing what is on your face with it. In other words the shape of the eyebrow helps with this.

Architectural rendering - Wikipedia
-When making your eyebrow position, it’s really important not to be so literal in your drawing; if you want your eyebrows to look natural, move your hand more towards the light. In a photo, you might want to move your hand slightly behind your face.

-In drawing the nostril, you want you to move your hand to the side and draw downwards to the end of the nostril, inwards towards the tip. This is what will make your nostril look round, natural and rounder. If it wasn’t, your brow would be too round.

-Drawing your eye position, is all about focusing your eye onto the eyebrow (at a right position). If you want your eyes to line up perfectly, you should make sure your eye is in the middle of the eyebrow and you have a right eye pencil position (that is where your eye is when you are talking to yourself). You can also draw your eyebrow higher than your eye- so that your eye is at the centre of the eyebrow and your eyebrow’s position will be perfect.

-You can also draw your eye downwards to the right from the middle of the eyebrow but make sure to only draw if there are no tears or if your eyebrows are not too sharp.

-To make the shape of your eyebrows even bigger and bolder, it is recommended