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Some pet owner has asked about the income of dog walkers in Delhi’s residential areas and how much they are paid.

Since dog owners are not taxed in most cases, and since the local government is not responsible for dog walkers, the government of Delhi has launched a scheme to provide grants to dog walkers to ensure that their income is not taxed.

This is being done through the Delhi Dog Wagon Rental Scheme of 2014 and will see the Delhi Government paying 100 per cent of the monthly rental amount paid.

How much do Delhi dog walkers earn?

According to the city government, a dog walker earns around Rs 15,000 in a month. This includes daily expenses like food and clothes.

However, a local entrepreneur says that a dog walker can earn more than that if the dog walks on two days in a week.

This means that the income can go over a large part of your disposable income.

There have been instances of dog owners evading the tax by taking on longer walks.

If a dog owner manages to do this, it will mean that the owner does not have to pay any tax on their income.

It has been reported that Delhi’s Dog Wagon Rental Scheme is a unique initiative.

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Can you avoid weight gain?

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