Do pet shops make money?

Pet shops generally don’t earn a profit, though some may do so in a small percentage of sales. They are not necessarily concerned about the welfare of animals and may sometimes refuse to place the animal out in public. On the contrary, they may consider it a valuable asset, and they want their pet to be as comfortable as possible.

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What rights do you have as an Australian owner or owner-surrogate, or as a guardian to your pet? The Australian Animal Rights Act (AARA) does not permit dog, cat, or dog-type pets to be owned. However, you may have the right of control and management of your pet whether you are an owner or an owner-surrogate (sometimes called pet guardian), in the event of any of the following situations: An animal is being kept at a farm or other abattoir, with the written consent of the owner

A member of the public gives permission to the owner of the animal to have access and keep the animal

A person is in possession of an animal, which was kept at their home before, during, or after the making of a complaint to the authorities that the animal is unruly, dangerous, or not suitable to live with

A member of the public is in possession of an animal, which was kept at a dwelling. If you are interested in seeking legal advice, you might consider visiting an animal law firm in your area, with which you and your legal representatives might agree on the best way to proceed in the event of a complaint. Our animal law firm also offers pet relocation and other pet welfare services.

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The best part of the NBA regular season is the off-season. We now have the NBA schedule that was leaked yesterday, and I’ve been keeping an eye on it because I think an NBA lockout might have something to do with this.

I’m not sure who leaked it, but this schedule is kind of interesting. The Warriors take on the Spurs on Tuesday morning, in Milwaukee. So we’ll see if they’re getting ready, or if they’re too exhausted for a regular season game.

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