Do pet sitters pay taxes? – How To Start An Online Pet Supply Business

Pets are exempt from federal and state income tax when they are fostered or adopted by licensed animal care facilities. The cost to provide the animal is tax deductible. Check with your local animal care facility for the amount you will need to report.

Do I need a business license to foster someone’s pet?

A nonprofit is required to have a licensing plan and to be licensed by a state. You must have a license before you can foster someone’s pet. If you are planning to hire a pet sitter, you do not need a business license.

What are the requirements to have a business license when fostering?

A license is required to do all of the following:

Shelter the animal in a licensed establishment, usually in a building or trailer and that is not your home,

Foster, or place it in foster care where the animal can be cared for during its stay at the facility,

Replace the animal with a new pet when the current pet is euthanized and/or

Provide veterinary treatment.

Your license application can be found on the Maryland Division of Corporations website,

Where can I find further information and applications?

Please see the following:

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