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Here’s the answer to that Question! Petsmart Inc. sells pets and services in the San Francisco Bay Area (the “San Francisco Market”), including a large “Pet Friendly” retail store located at 1003 Harrison Street. To qualify for a license, you have to meet certain business requirements.

San Francisco Bay Area

For more information on requirements, visit the Licensing Division website.

If our license is approved, you’ll have to go for a state inspection which includes the following:

You must file an annual report (a separate document with the DMV may be required if you have multiple licenses) that includes copies of all your documentation

You must submit copies of all documents related to the sale of pets to the state

Your application must be inspected by the state within 90 days of your application. (If you use an out-of-state agent to apply for a license, that agent will be required to submit a similar inspection.)

To obtain the proper form to submit to the state, you’ll need two business license applications, a copy of your business license (if you get one from the DMV), and the required license(s) in the California Department of Business Oversight. Please refer to this page for a list of required forms and fees.

For license renewal, you can renew your license at any time on or after January 2016. There is no fee. Your existing license expires on March 15, 2017, and you may renew by going online to You do NOT need to renew each time any additional licenses are required (such as a pet store). If no changes are made in the license(s) or you make a change to your business to satisfy the requirements of the licensing section, you will need to renew again on or before January 15, 2023.

We have a license renewal fee schedule that is subject to change. For more details, visit this page.

To find out if you have any outstanding fees (including non-renewal fees), visit the Dept. of Business Oversight website, or call (888) 262-6434.

State of California

What is a “pet friendly store”?

For more information, visit the Dog Friendly Store website.

For more information on requirements you must meet for a pet store license, the California Department of Business Oversight website has more detailed information on requirements. Check it out

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