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The main advantage of Rover is that you can work for Rover for less than other employees. There is no salary or wages (although salaries differ, it should be noted, between firms of different sizes). However, you will earn an income in that part of your life that you work for Rover (for a salary which will vary from year to year). This income is generally based on your total contribution to the Rover system (including employee contribution, profit sharing and interest) and your contribution to the cost of operating in Australia (for which you’ll get a “dividend”).

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Rover and its customers have been in business since 1992. It has grown from three employees to over 100 employees and has grown over 6 percent per year. It’s estimated that Rover employs 80,000 Australians and over 50,000 international customers.

Rover pays all the employees the highest minimum wage in Australia and also pays the same wage to all its contractors, who provide services beyond that of employees.

Rover was launched in 1992. Today, over 20,000 Australian and international customers are customers of Rover. In addition, there are a number of Rover customers in Australia and around the world using Australia as a base to launch operations around the world.

When’s a good time for me to join?

For the initial 18 months, the starting pay was $29 per hour and with a $500 bonus to be paid after nine months, the starting pay is $40 per hour. Following your initial 18 months, it will increase to $47 per hour. In addition to the bonus, the company’s minimum wage will increase by $100 per week. If you were to leave, you will not be paid anything to re-join. This is because you will have been a member for the previous eight months.

Will I be able to sell or trade on Rover?

No, your Rover trading or selling experience is limited and you will make a substantial contribution to the purchase of Rover. It will depend on whether you can provide reliable and timely trading, such as buying the stock market index, setting up the trading system, or working on the business side. With all sales, you will be involved, with management working with you to develop best practice of salesmanship and sales communication for a variety of customers. You are welcome to be represented by any of the trade firms that you work with in Australia!

Will there be any additional perks?

You will experience some additional perks, such as discounts at

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