How can I get my dog into modeling?

If you choose to model, here’s how:

1. Visit to read the articles that you will become a part of. There, you’ll find a list of the top dog model publications and news regarding dogs in a wide variety of fields and breeds.

2. Take the online Dog Journal Course ( in which you’ll learn about the canine-inspired lifestyle that you’ll be building for yourself.

3. Visit the web site of the ASPCA,, for information about the many ways that you can save the lives of animals in your community.

4. If possible, buy both good quality dog toys and good quality dog books.

5. If you have a pup, make sure that she is socialized to other children, especially when her toys are used.

6. Take the online Dog Trainer Training courses ( that you will be taking together with your pup.

7. Volunteer with an animal rescue or rescue shelter.

8. Visit and read about animals in need that your community has to offer.

9. Visit and read about the many ways that people have been trafficked for prostitution and sex work.

10. Visit and read all the stories about the wonderful animals who have been rescued for adoption.

11. Help your local shelter and rescue.

12. Educate yourself about the cruelty of dog breeding and the way that dogs are often put into dog shows to make money.

13. Make sure that your dog is treated with respect when he goes out and you give him lots of affection and training and make sure that you take good care of him. He will appreciate all the love and care that you give him.

14. Don’t let your dog go to the puppy club where all the puppies are waiting to be sold.

If you wish to know more about what you can and can’t look forward to when it comes to having your own pet, read more about the Dog Journal Course.

And, do what you can to educate any human who may come into the interaction with your dog. Show your dog the right respect so that he accepts that you have control over his time and