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Go through the first step of the zoo setup checklist and you’ll now have a full understanding of how to setup your first zoo.

A new poll shows Donald Trump is not only winning, more Republican voters are supporting his candidacy.

The survey, conducted Tuesday by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal and published Wednesday, found that 57 percent of likely voters were backing Mr. Trump — up from 50 percent in a poll conducted last week.

It also revealed that only 36 percent of likely voters supported Mrs. Clinton, down 1 percent from last week.

Both polls were conducted after Mr. Trump, with a slew of his GOP rivals dropping out, was endorsed by the leader of the Republican Party.

“Trump has the best chance of winning the election, based on this poll,” said Bill McInturff, chairman of McInturff & Associates, a political research company.

“The reason for this is that this poll shows Donald Trump gaining in popularity since the last survey we reported on, and it shows a growing trend away from Donald Trump,” he added.

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BARANZA, Venezuela – President Nicolas Maduro and his allies in the opposition are trying to take advantage of a new opportunity after nearly four months of peaceful protests against his administration to escalate their offensive.

Opposition leaders, including former mayor and current opposition vice presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, have issued warning that they are ready to use force to retake occupied buildings that have become a focal point for the protests.

Maduro called the opposition’s efforts a “violent escalation of the revolution.”

“The people deserve peace,” the president told a rally on Sunday. “They are in no need of a revolution. This is the only way.”

The government has been largely quiet so far over the protests and has largely left the streets to activists since late August. However, at least 20 people have died in street clashes, many of them members of the pro-government security forces. The government accuses the opposition of orchestrating the violence and says protesters are being used as “human shields.”

The demonstrations are part of Venezuela’s popular uprising against Maduro. During the protests that began earlier this year, government security forces used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons against thousands of people. The government denies using excessive force.

Venezuelan government spokesperson Tarek William Saab told state television late Saturday that the National

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