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It is possible to make homemade dog food at home – some recipes include fresh ingredients that you can purchase (e.g. apples), frozen vegetables (e.g. frozen peas), meat or poultry (e.g. canned beef), or other processed (e.g. corn) or pre-packaged (e.g. bread and butter) foods. The most important thing is to test the food before you use it or make adjustments based on your dog’s specific dietary needs. When preparing a homemade dog food recipe, please be sure to use only ingredients that can be found at either the store or the pet food company. The ingredients can come from animal parts or other sources, but only meat, poultry, or fruits or vegetables grown in your home can be used. Always add only a few tablespoons of cooking oil if preparing a homemade dog food recipe.

How important is food to my dog?

When an airline pilot calls it quits, it’s hard to deny that there aren’t many jobs that are more important.

Take the pilot for an airline, which means a job in making sure planes make it to where they’re supposed to be, from landing in the air to the last passenger who boarded. These jobs are incredibly important, and that’s saying something, because aviation is the most dangerous profession on the planet.

If you think that makes a pilot an outlier, think again. As of 2013, pilots have fallen from 47,000 to 45,000, according to the Aviation Safety Network. And these pilots are becoming even more dangerous. The average number of fatal accidents involving airline pilots was 7.4 since 2010, according to A.S.N. Aviation’s Air Safety Database. That’s a 20.5-percent bump in crashes, even though the number of air traffic controllers (who manage ground crews and pilot aircraft) is up 9 percent since 2007.

But when you consider the number of dangerous pilots who choose not to take an airline job, you see how pilots’ jobs really are no different than airline jobs: extremely dangerous. That’s what the A.S.N. Aviation Database’s Air Safety Database does—it measures fatal airline crashes. When you look at the number of fatal cases with no known airline pilot, you get an answer that shows how dangerous it can be for a job. Here are those numbers, broken down into all the fatal crashes on the A.S.N. database from May 2011 to June 2013.

Photo by NASA

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