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We will not send you the proper paperwork, if you’re starting a business on the Internet. However, if you are starting a business on the Internet or through a service provider, you will need to follow all the correct requirements. To find out what you’ll be required to do and submit to, you can read all the information below.

To submit your application for an Internet Business Licence, please fill out our application form available on our website.

After you fill out the form, please check to make sure your details are all correct. You can also contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) to confirm the correct information. Please note that a business registration is not required during the application process.

The application process for a business registration, is as follows:
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Complete the Application Form (PDF, 3.37MB). Do not click on the link “Submit your application” until you click on the link for submitting your application. You need to complete the application, because we are using your personal information to process your application. Download the Registration Certificate (PDF, 2.45MB). You need to print and complete the section called “Name of a company/business” on each of the front pages of this document. You’ll need to complete the “Company Name”, “Name of the Office of Companies”, “City and Province of the office”, and “Name of the company.” If your name is missing or you want to change your company name or number, you should complete the “Name of the registered office” section. Copy any other documents you have to ensure your copy is complete. Copy the company name and number on the front pages of this certificate.

The first six months of the registration period for the Internet Business Licence are as follows:

September 1 – May 31

June 1 October 15 (if the application is not submitted before this date, you will not be able to make the necessary changes).

November 1 – December 31

Additional information regarding the Internet Business Licence may be available on our website.

What if my business does not have a Website?

If your business does not have a website, we recommend you submit an online application for an Information Technology Business Licence, as many Internet businesses do not have a website.

We will send you a detailed document of the requirements and all the information we need to submit an online application for an information technology business licence.

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