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A typical pet sitter salary is $14,000 per year (although some jobs pay more). Pet sitters also earn tips, sometimes for just an item like their pet and sometimes for a specific service they provide like a litter tray or food for your animal.[2]

To pay for pet sittering, a pet sitter will often receive tips from the client and pay out of pocket for certain items, such as food and a litter tray.

Types of pet sitter jobs

Banks (including small businesses)

Hotel and motel pet sitters

Airbnb (including dog/human/poodle/cat/kitten) pet sitters

Budget-conscious pet sitters

Renters (excluding Airbnb)


In some cases, pet sitters can be paid a commission based on the time they spend with their dogs.

The Pet Sitters’ Bureau states: “Your pet is a member of your family. You may not need to be there to do your pet’s care.

[…] As an employee of the State of Texas, you are entitled to the same benefits as other State employees, including but not limited to:

Health benefits

Paid sick and holiday.

A paid vacation (if requested) and paid holidays that correspond to the length of the employment; and

A paid annual leave policy or leave of absence that is as long as is reasonably scheduled, with no longer than one year (but not more than the standard leave for the position or job, unless the position is filled on a part-time basis).


A pet sitter’s position is not a substitute for employment in another line of business.


How to be Successful in the Pet Sitting Home Business
When choosing the right pet sitter for you, look for a pet sitter that has a strong commitment to their client and a willingness to work with the pet sitting professional regardless of the job needs.


If you need to see a pet sitter, you will find an expert who will be happy to speak with you and the pet sitting professional for a consultation.


This policy will allow you to have the peace of mind knowing you are receiving high quality service at a reasonable price.

What is a pet sitter’s compensation?

Pet sitters may receive payments for some services, like food and clean-up, but other services can’t be paid

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