How much is a pet shop Licence?

A dog registration fee of £55 with your dog’s name/tag and a dog owner’s stamp is required for a dog of any age (including the kennel).

Do I only get 1?

Unfortunately not.

When can I pick up my pet?

Please email or call 0121 636 9888 for details.

Where do I drop off my pet?

Dogs must be in an enclosure, if it is not available, please contact or call 0121 636 9888 for details.

What happens to my pet after I pay?

For dogs less than 11 months of age, your pet’s registration goes into effect as of the next dog passport payment. You may either keep your pet or take it on as a pet, it’s completely up to you.

For an eleven-month old dog it becomes a pet, no renewal is required.

The dog will travel in the passport bag – on a journey, not after purchase.

I don’t want to leave the UK. What can I do?

For dogs aged 5 to 12 months, and their parent/guardian, you can stay in the UK with them. For pets under five months old (excluding kennels, which come back through passport) only you can visit them under the right conditions.
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A £35 pet insurance cover is available for pets of anyone aged 5 to 18 and under the age of 18. For pets under four months of age (excluding kennels), the package comprises a £15 pet health cover, which can be renewed every five years for an annual fee. This coverage covers you and your pet for any incidental or accidental damage to the pet and all possible veterinary issues.

For more information, please review our dog passports and pet insurance website here.

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