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Self-employed dogs are responsible for their own social environment and are usually allowed to follow any lead other than a walker’s. They have no responsibility to others.

The owner has the final say over whether or not their dog can walk and can restrict the dog to a restricted space where they won’t be seen. In addition, some owners make sure each walker pays an annual fee which covers the cost of dog walks and care. This could be a large fee in itself, but will cover the costs of grooming and food, as well as ensuring that the walkers and the dog don’t come into contact.

Dog walking self-employed is not a recognised profession so the laws don’t necessarily apply to you – but you could get in serious trouble by hiring a dog walker without a licence.

Can dogs be ‘excluded’ from walking?

Only if they’re being used as a menace to society or if it’s clearly dangerous or you’re not in control of your dog.

Can my dog’s owner be charged to walk with a dog?

Yes – but you’ll need to pay a small fee to avoid getting fined.

Can I walk my dog alone?

There are cases where, for example if your dog is very tired they shouldn’t be allowed to bark, but if they keep barking and you’re a dog person these rules won’t apply.

It’s not a criminal offence – but you could end up with a fine for barking at a human and having to pay a £40 surcharge.

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