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S.C. Code Ann. § 47-14-17(A) authorizes the issuance of a written statement by the person owning or having custody of the animal, that the animal is being walked while traveling during daylight hours and that the animal is either:

walking while under the influence of intoxicants,

walking outside of the premises of a designated boarding facility for the purpose of making a boarding request or request to leave the premises, and/or

walking in or at a crosswalk or traffic circle at or near the centerline at a location where the owner or person in charge of the animal knows, or should have known, that the public shall be present.

For purposes of this section, “trespass” includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized movement (i.e., through a fence, walk on a highway, or otherwise) within or on state property. The written statement is effective for one year and the person found to be in violation of the statement upon being charged with violation of the section may have his or her license suspended or revoked for up to one year or be required to give evidence of satisfactory completion of counseling.

Note: If the violation is a third or subsequent violation, the person would be subject to the penalties described in section 47-14-17 as a first degree misdemeanor for the first violation, and a misdemeanor for a second or subsequent violation.

What dogs are allowed to go on my property without a permit?

S.C. Code Ann. 18-12-3(4) states that “no dog shall be allowed on your private property without a permit.”

If you own or have the control of any dog that is not registered in a humane humane society and you would require a permit for any animal under this definition, contact your local humane society or local animal control agency, and they can determine if the animals are not being walked outside their premises, and you may be able to obtain a permit.

Can people walk their dogs in a public area like a park?


If a dog crosses the street, it is considered a trespasser and the dog owner is responsible for their actions.

Note the section that states “no dog shall be allowed on your private property.”

What if I see a dog with a microchip or tags, but it’s not registered in a humane society?

In S.C. Code Ann. § 18-12-3

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