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It’s always a good idea to leave your TV on if you’re at home with your pup. However, some dogs may have a difficult time taking the time to sit quietly while the TV comes on. So if you have your dog sit quietly for a few minutes while you go to work, it might be a good idea to keep the TV on for a few days if you stay home for a while (and you’ll want to let your dog out for a while, which you’ll have to do to get out the door). You don’t have to leave it on for days when you’re away either, but if you have to, it’s a good idea to keep the TV ON at least during the duration of the week when your dog is sleeping or doing what you want as you go about your day.

But should I turn down the volume of my TV?
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If you have a television with an active volume control, and your dog seems to have trouble turning off the volume, you’ll want to turn up the volume (so it’s in between the levels you’re not allowing your dog to see) after he makes something noise, or if you hear snoring coming from your dog or the TV.

Can I put in a cable box?

You can, with your dog’s permission. You need to be careful when putting in something like a cable box because if you leave your dog with any kind of obstruction or other issue, that is going to stop your dog from getting anything into his mouth and the problem will get far more serious. But if you put in something like a cable box, then your dog will be right with you.

What’s the difference between my TV and my dog’s bedroom?

The biggest difference between a TV and a dog’s bedroom is how big it is. If you have a TV that’s so big it fits in your apartment, and you have a dog that’s a little bit smaller (or larger), then you should have a little bit of room when your dog has something to sit down for, and you should let your puppy out to sit a little distance from the bedroom door while you’re gone.

In a larger house or apartment, you shouldn’t be afraid to use a leash or some other leash to try and keep your dog from sitting directly on the couch. Sometimes if you’re on a long hike and you want to let your dog rest while you’re out, they’re more apt to put on their coat or go for

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