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If you want your dog to be successful, he needs plenty of exercise and to be given daily tasks to do – these are also the main things a work dog can look forward to. If you are not using your dog for work, you should consider a type of dog that is suited to his breed, age, and personality.

The next-gen-of-gaming-console may be coming soon to the PlayStation 4. Sony was on track to announce the system itself, but leaked emails have now thrown cold water on this possibility for what could be the first PlayStation 4 to be released.

According to a report by Polygon, Sony has been working on a successor to the PlayStation 3 but has also quietly been taking the next steps in the development of hardware.

Now, it is claiming that it has finally decided on a PlayStation 4 console, which will likely feature a new architecture and possibly a new chip. In its own confirmation of the console, Sony says it will offer a number of improvements over the current system.

PS4 system will probably feature a new architecture, new GPUs, new CPU and new PS Plus subscription

“PS4 system will probably feature a new architecture, new GPUs, new CPU and new PS Plus subscription,” reads an internal report.
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Of course, it is important to note that Sony has still been working on the PlayStation 4 since the company decided to scrap the original PlayStation 3 in 2012.

Even if the report is accurate, the PlayStation 4 should not technically be released until 2013. Sony has, however, begun work on the next-gen-of-gaming-console, and is believed to have decided on a new graphics architecture, codenamed “Titan,” as well as the creation of a new CPU and new chipset.

Sony has also admitted that the next-gen-of-gaming-console will likely be sold at a discounted price.

Sony isn’t the only company that has a new console planned for launch in 2013. Nvidia has hinted that it may indeed have its own dedicated video card for the console, although this is still unconfirmed.

I’m not sure if it was meant to be, but there was a thread yesterday when a person claiming to be in the IT department of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport asked for clarification “on the use of ‘white’ boxes by flight attendants.” The reply? “… they all have white boxes.”

I can’t figure out how to express how stupid and stupid this was.

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