What pet products sell best?

Well, for pet parents, it’s not just the brand, but the quality of the product. Pet stores are all over the country and many stores are stocked with high quality, high-quality cat and dog food, toys, grooming equipment, and much more. If you can find a pet store that carries these products, that definitely helps.

Some retailers sell pet products without having any online component at all. Others carry only a section of some product and no real name of the manufacturer. I’m sure there are many stores that have excellent pet products, but I don’t know of many brands that don’t. If you need a pet store that carries these kinds of products, take a close look at the product reviews on the website and look the store up. There are a lot of excellent, high-quality pet products available. (See below.) However, if you want a store that carries only a small number of products with names but no online component, you may not find it in your area.

Pet Shops That Carry Only Some Pet Products

If you live in a small town or a suburban area, you may have even more limited options for pet stores. Some stores, like Walnut’s Pet Shop (near Los Angeles), carry only a small number of pet products.

Some retailers like PetSmart may carry a few pets but don’t have any online component.

Pet Stores that Have Online But Do Not Deliver

I’ve tried to put together my favorites of these pet stores that have only online parts and don’t ship any pets, but there’s always room for improvement as our lives continue to change.

The above are some of the options, and you can find a lot more about which retailers sell which sort of pet products and what they carry online and how to locate a store close to you. Check the links above for an extensive list that includes all of the popular pet items you may want to look for.

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If I missed any of these fine pet stores that carry just the right pets for my family, let me know. I’d love you to be part of the party, too. Have an idea of who you’d like to see in the pet store that actually makes the best pet products? Tell me about your pet store experience below!

The New York Times reports on the results of a three-month investigation. You can see all the details here