Which dogs can tolerate being alone? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Tax Assessor

Do you have dogs that have ever been outside? How do you handle being alone with a dog? Is it important to keep the dog’s distance from other people?

What kind of dog bed is appropriate for your dog? What do you plan to do with the dog’s bed when/if he/she sleeps over?

How much time do you have between walks (or walks at different times)?

If you are using a car to take your dog to your dog walk, is there a specific rule to be followed to ensure that your dog doesn’t run into anything or cause a hazard or accident?

How do you prepare your dog for going on a walk? Do you have a designated area set aside for your dog?

What will you wear for your walk? How does your dog dress?
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Are there any allergies in dogs that you should be aware of to avoid causing discomfort or problems for you and your dog?

Do you have any pet grooming supplies (including de-worming/sterilization sprays) you should use?

Do you have an active, walkin’ dog or do you have a walkin’ dog for a short term? Do you have another dog in the house, or does your dog eat your house?

Do you have a vet or veterinarian that you keep in mind to see if your dog needs medical attention (ie, xrays, vaccinations)?

How do you treat allergies to pet dander (hair)? What should I avoid?

Do dogs have allergies that have resulted in death? Where were the dogs found? How does the vet determine your dog is allergic to dander and how long does it take for him to recover?

What should you do if your dog has a skin condition? Do you need to see a skin specialist?

What should you do if you have to take off your shoes when you leave the house (or when you arrive home)?

How should you dispose of pet waste?

Does your dog have a special diet? What about feeding raw food from a dog?

What is the typical lifespan of your dog? If you plan to have your dog over the age of 6+ years, how long will he likely live? Please mention if he is your most important employee, or if you have someone who may be your employee if the dog becomes disabled or ill.

Where can I get more information, or if there are any services that are offered?

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