Which dogs can tolerate being alone?

Most dogs will be fine if you give them a nice long walk in a calm, quiet location. If you decide to let one of them roam free, give them lots of company. If you want your pup to be able to run with the pack, make sure he knows that he belongs here.
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If your dog is showing any signs of separation anxiety, take him outside. Walk him for a while and then bring him back inside.

Once inside, tell the person who is babysitting or training your dog to go and check over the dog. It is a lot easier to do this if you have someone to talk to. If you just sit and watch the dog, she may feel like there is something wrong.

If your dog gets bored with being alone, let her come back inside before continuing to feed her. This will teach her to like being in your home.

How do I take care of my dog who is too much of a worrier?

Do your best to explain the problem to your dog before you leave for work. In the car, or in the office, explain why you don’t want your dog in your house. Let her work on it. Explain that dogs get frightened when you walk or sit by their side. You can do a variety of things to calm the dog, like put a blanket over one or two knees, or use a leash, a leash that’s longer than hers, or something to prevent her from jumping away. In the home, have your dog’s owner or another family member hold the dog. Put a pillow over her head so she doesn’t see the person who is supervising her.

Remember, the more you train and teach your dog how to live inside your home, the more you’ll be able to train her to live outside. You’ll soon find that people want to be around your dog when they aren’t at work, you can talk to your dog if she gets a bit nervous and makes a bunch of fuss, you can set up a playtime at your home, or when you’re leaving the house, you can give your dog a treat so she’ll stay in the house for the duration of the day. You’re a lot less likely to hear “Leave the dog alone on the couch!” from a dog that’s been on her own for days.

How to prevent her from wandering off by letting other family members interact with her?

Teach Your Dog to Lure You Away: If you let