Why are retractable leashes bad? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele Notes

Short answer: It’s wrong.

And because of that, retractable leashes are wrong. We all want to be safe. And, in the case of a retractable leash to prevent the dog from pulling, it’s bad!

The truth is that there’s no scientific evidence that retractable leashes protect your dog.

In fact, there’s no scientific evidence that retractable leashes are even safe.

Let’s start with the science of retractable leashes:

The main reason dogs go backwards if they’re leashed for extended periods of time is because they’re experiencing the reflex known as “leash pullback”. This reflex is usually followed by their ears moving backward and their tail wagging behind their body.

Think back to your dog getting tugged on leash! When the dog sees him get tugged on, he will reflexively go backwards, trying to get away faster than he went out of the way. What happens is that the dog’s ears and tail wag behind his body. And because there’s so much air pressure going into what’s called the cervical spine, they basically push the tail and ears down into his body which pulls his head forward.

So, in short, to say that you may have a dog who would be reluctant to retract a leash while on leash is like saying that it’s okay if you have the dog run backward into the fence instead of the fence. Because the only explanation is what you’ve told your dog: “Don’t go backwards! Your head needs to be pointed down”. And in an open scenario like that, the dog will not get away because he’s not getting off the leash fast enough to escape when the leash is not at his neck.

Of course the main problem with retractable leashes is that you end up putting a leash on your dog and then expecting all of them to sit down or lay in a crouch. What happens is that they’ll go down on their belly or crouch but stay under your nose – where you end up putting their tail between their legs (in a “scoop-nosed” position), and when you’re not trying to hold them up or get them on a leash anymore, they’ll go in a way that prevents them from being able to run. And for every dog we’ve come across that has a problem with retractable leashes, another dog we’ve come across that has a problem with retractable leashes is not an accident.

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