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How much does Getty Images pay for music videos? Let us know below…

We get it. When you’re a music video producer, you have hundreds of jobs and countless music videos shot. You might not have a ton of time to work on your “hit” video or your next tour, but you sure will if you have a solid hit in the pipeline.

One of the most important facets of being a Music Video Producer is the money for licensing. It’s no secret that musicians love to get their music into the world in a big way and with licensing and licensing revenue they’ve been very successful for a long time.

There’s no doubt that Getty Images makes enough money on music videos, concerts, and music videos to ensure its existence. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t profit from your music videos without even breaking the bank.

To help make it easy for you to get the most out of your videos, we’ve put together a short list of top 10 ways you can grow your business with little or no capital.

1. Be creative

I had an idea and put it in my music Video. It was my first Music Video ever and it was a hit with more than 200K views on YouTube — 100k more than when I started.

I am not going to try to explain why it was a hit – it’s obvious because I told you and you can tell if you want. What I’m going to do is try to explain that I was able to take that idea, put it in my music Video and make a whole new, much bigger hit by just being creative.

By the time I started my YouTube Music Video, I had the ability to make everything from music clips all the way up to commercial music. The same process can work for your music videos too.

What you should think about instead of thinking “How can I make money from my Music Videos?” is “How can I create something out of nothing and become a bigger creator?”

2. Create an exclusive

A Music Video cannot exist on YouTube unless everybody has access to it as it’s the foundation for an entertainment company’s online presence.

With that in mind, think about using your exclusive as an investment. It’s important to get as much money as you can and use it to make your career. If you make enough sales and create content for your audience, they’ll buy your next album and everything else which means you’ll be set.

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