How do professional photographers print their pictures? – Shutterstock Pricing

There are multiple ways of printing with commercial equipment on the market and we want to share some of them with you.


Photography is the way we see the world, and the way we create, communicate and share our memories with the world. It’s our passion and we do what we love to do to achieve an authentic and detailed reproduction of your images.

Photo-printing is simple. Print images directly from your computer. Our proprietary technology makes it possible. Print images over a period of time, like the next 10,000 images. Use the included PDF conversion software to apply a variety of image manipulation techniques including scaling, cropping, cropping at 90 degree angles, and color correction including black and white, sepia, or sRGB.

If you take your print out of the package and try to make a copy of it after the printer has finished, you will likely have several issues.

There are a host of potential causes for this and I recommend the following:

• Digital prints get damaged by dust or water.

• Digital prints might get scratched or smudged if exposed to direct sunlight.

• Some paper colors do not show up well in the scanner.

• Some digital scans might not display correctly due to an issue with the scanner’s digital compression.

• Some paper quality could be compromised due to the color being printed a certain way.

It is the photographer’s responsibility to understand and accept these factors before printing your images.

If you have any further questions about print technique or a photo printer to purchase, please check out our guide: What is Photo-printing?.


Sketching is a wonderful thing that can capture any piece of your art.

It has taken a long time for professional and amateur portrait photographers to make it in any practical way, as you can see in our photo of a girl in a flower shop sketch.

We do not know much about what this style of sketching looks like in print.

We believe that every artist has to try something. For our current studio we make a large-format (8×10) black and white photocopy for sketching, and digital scans for painting.

We also have a range of brushable stencils and a line-drawing sketchbook with pencils and paper.

Digital inkjet printers have become popular, and these printers can create large

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