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Salary details

How much does a layout artist get paid? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average salary for a layout artist is $83.50 per hour, or $24,660 annually. To convert this salary into Australian dollars, divide by 0.881392, or $83.50 times 0.881392.

Salary ranges

Below are the salary ranges for layout artists in Australia.


Australia: $83.50 / hr

Canada: $83 / hr

US: $83 / hr

Canada: $87 / hr

US: $85 / hr

UK: $65 / hr

EU: $65 / hr

Norway: $58 / hr

Germany: $52 / hr

Russia: $40 / hr

United Kingdom: $36.25 / hr

Spain: $33 / hr

Ireland: $31 / hr

Singapore: $21 / hr

China: $12.50 / hr

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She is not charged with any crime, and will contest charges of improper use of her official position.

Ms Staveley admits her actions were “wrong and wrongish”. She also apologises to the UKRAC.

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Mr Justice Sweeney is scheduled to grant bail at 12.30am tomorrow.

The case has triggered a review of the entire UKRAC’s structure that will have to be completed by the end of 2015.

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The BBC has contacted the Foreign Office but no immediate reply has been received.

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