What are the characteristics of social dance? – Old Folk Dances

Well, they are all about balance, flexibility, and rhythm, and are primarily influenced by music, which plays a large role in the overall flow of the routine.

Most dance is played in a 4 step, 3+2 rhythm, which can also be broken down into 4 step, 2+3 steps. It’s all the elements of music composition. The basic formula for a good rhythm is 3/4, 2/3, 1/4, etc… The key is to break the steps down into small manageable bites so the dancers can work in them, and still have a smooth flow. So to say it is simple is an understatement.

Social Dance can be used during your rehearsal, or a special event like a wedding, or any other special occasion in which you’re throwing a party. It can also be thrown during the evening before a sporting event, to try and boost the dancers energy.

Social Dances can be used to change the flow of a group and it can also be used as a form of dance when one dancer is missing and can fill the void.

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My goal is to help you become a better ballroom dancer by educating you about the basics of social dancing and sharing some ideas on how to use the techniques within your repertoire.

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