Why is ballet in French? – Types Of Dancing Classes

We have the most beautiful women in the world, so we make a little dance here and there, it’s a great way to show our admiration for them, too.”

So the French woman dancing for him had already been born into French society?

“Yes!” exclaimed the young princess. “So why is it so very hard to have a ballet class in your country?”

For a while, the audience stood on their feet and laughed heartily. But then one lady rose and announced, “We are the French dancers—you all know who we are—we are the First Bands. We are called the First Bands because you can get a dance from the First Bands here all day. And of course we are not the First Bands, and we don’t want to be considered the First Bands anymore.”

“But we are the First Bands,” asked the princess.

The old man shook his head gently and then went on, “Because they are a lot of fun, don’t you think? And of course they are well worth seeing. But what about when you come to our country and have a dance?”

“No,” she replied. “You don’t want to know.”

“Well, then,” the old man said, “the First Bands are like you—you live in Paris, it is Paris, in fact. You have to look around a bit, get some different ideas. But then they will come to you—some of them—and you can come and see our dances too. And so when you come here, why did you not come here before!”

“But we always said that Paris is all about the dancing,” said the princess.

“Yes, we were saying it too,” said the old man. “It is great, though, because you get your ideas from the Parisers—just go to all the different places, ask everybody, and everybody will give you ideas. So you can have fun watching everything. It’s a great pleasure.”

She bowed before him and thanked him and all the other people in the audience—the old man, the minister, and the others who had called her. Then she said, “I really ought to go home.”

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The old man said, “I don’t mind, young lady, and I am going to let you go home to your country. You can stay there.”

He went away and they returned to the auditorium with

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