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Oh, yeah. I’m just the perfect girl for you. I don’t care what anybody says.

You’re a woman now. What are you like?

I still have that big man’s head. I still have my boyish face. I still have that sexy ass, I just do a little bit shorter hair, and I do a little bit less makeup. I do a little less lipstick. I’ve got so many accessories I like to wear. I like to wear these shoes and make-up all over my body. It’s fun to be a woman because you don’t get teased for looking feminine.

You get your own show now — this season was a bit of a surprise — and you’re not doing it with a girl?

No. That’s not true for me. I always wanted it to be a girl’s show because that gives me space to be my authentic self. I like talking about girls’ and boy’s stuff.

What does it feel like being in a TV show with a female writer?

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It’s a huge part of that show. The writing staff is so talented; they’re my favorite writers. They’re a really great family. I got to learn a lot from them, too. I’m so lucky.

Was it weird working on a show about a woman who got cast in men’s TV shows?

The show I was on before was Girls. The only woman who was in the writers’ room was Leslie Knope, and she was my favorite character so I was so thrilled for her. She was my love interest. I was such a fan of the show. But that’s an exception because this one is called My So-Called Life.

When you were cast for My So-Called Life, did you have any idea what you’d end up writing about?

No. I knew my characters, yes. I knew I would be a feminist character with a masculine perspective. I knew she would have to be very outspoken, a feminist heroine. I thought that was what I wanted. The only question I had was: How do I play a strong, capable woman who is not a victim? And as soon as I said that, the whole thing became very clear. That was my whole point of trying to do it.

What’s a feminist scene in My So-Called Life that sticks out to you?

One of the biggest scenes is with Megan. Megan is

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