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That’s an interesting challenge! So I was looking for ways to get my paint down on the paper to make it more opaque. The first thing I tried was just wiping the whole table with a towel. Not the easiest thing to do and I could have used a washcloth – but I didn’t have any, so I just pulled off the paper and took a small bit of the paint off with my finger. After the paint was down I did an additional layer of thinner, the paint was already super thick, and the paper was already quite sticky, so I really didn’t want to lose too much color. As you can see, I ended up getting two layers – the first was about 40% of the painting (it was on a very very small piece so the entire thing was a lot), and the second was about 15% of the painting, even with the paper being super wet. After drying I got a very fine and dry brush (I had to use a sharpie pen to draw all the tiny squares) and rubbed it all together – it was a bit of a mess, but I eventually got it the way I wanted it. I do have to say, one thing I found really interesting was that I could use my paint brushes to paint without a lot of brush strokes, if I’d like. It felt almost like I was doing a different style hand painting than normal. All I did was trace around with one of the pencils, then paint the drawing with either the paint brush or, of course, my pens. I would like to give a shout out to my friend John’s awesome tutorials!


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