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You can see that the paint has not cured properly. This is common with many old, worn paint, especially from rustic or old vehicles. After you get home and spray the paint, wipe it down thoroughly with a clean, dry rag or cloth. This will prevent any air pockets from forming which will increase the chance of the paint cracking. To check the painted surface for cracks, use the light colored section of the Dremel. If the paint is crinkly or brittle, you may need to scrape more paint or try applying a thin coat of paint to make it stiffer. If you are not getting any cracks at all you should use your finger to spread some paint thinner on the crack. Once the crack is spread you can put it back together.

There are a couple of reasons why there are some creases on paint:

Paint can stick to the underside of a vehicle that you have covered with rust. The rust can get caught up in a crease, so it gets chipped and chipped over time.

Rust can get caught up in the rubber seal under a paint job. Rustic rubber sealer has a rubber in between the seal and the surface which will rub off. Rust also can get caught up in the primer, so if you have the rust problem, you will get more rust on the paint.

This is an example of a paint that has been exposed to the weather over the many years. You will notice that the black stripe on the right side now has a patch of rust around it. This is normal and is not from a rustic job.

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When you have the rust problems you should clean the rust out with a dry towel, alcohol, dishwashing liquid, or any other mild disinfectant that you have.

Rust on Rustoleum paint

Many people are amazed that when they take Rustoleum to a professional, they often have to send their Rustoleum back. Why is this? We believe it is because the car has been exposed to rust on the rustoleum coating on the exterior paint. If you have not properly cleaned the rust out you will be making it worse. We would be happy to take a rust removal service to fix it for just $99.99.

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