Can I spray paint paper? – Youtube Spray Paint Artificial Roses Whiteville

Yes. We will offer a few of our paper colors specifically designed for spray paint.

What is the best way to handle a customer with an allergy?

Our staff has been trained to provide an alternate route at the end of a customer’s visit as a precaution to ensure the guest has a smooth and dry experience. We appreciate the opportunity to share the opportunity to help our guests and their families through a very challenging experience, and to avoid an unnecessary and difficult situation for our guests. We will provide customers with additional information with regards to our allergy procedure and allergy options prior to any visit.

Have you tried any products that might prevent a reaction?

A few of the items on our list are currently available to our guests for our in-store pick up. All guests are asked for their own discretion on our product selection.

Is there a limit to how many paper products a customer can bring in our store?

A guest entering our store may bring any number of products and accessories. No bags or personal items are allowed in our store.

What are some of the rules for our guests?

No bags or personal products are allowed inside of our property.

Cleaning the bathroom must go in the guest’s bag. There is a designated area in the bathroom.

Bag or personal items must not spill out of the bathroom into the rest of the property or outside of the guest’s property area.

No toys, strollers or other small items are allowed in the guest’s property area.

Do you have a pick-up place or does our property have a “no bags” zone?

Our facility has a designated “Pick-Up” area which is located in the guest’s property.

What is the maximum amount I can bring into our store?

A maximum of a maximum of $20 in goods per person. Guests may bring a limited amount of goods.

When will you be open?

Handmade stencil, spray painted on an upcycled vintage ...
Our store is open on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and any other day our guests request an appointment.

Does the store carry any of your product brands?

Yes, we carry a variety of specialty paper products under the labels of our original brands; J.P. Fine Paper; Parchment Paper; Watercolors, Scissors, Pens, Scrapbook Paper, Staples and more.

If I buy something here, might I lose it? What if it gets lost?

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