Is there a spray dye for fabric? – Youtube Spray Paint Art Waterfalls Near Me Michigan

No spray dye is available with fabric from this site or from any other site. We use a chemical mixture and a liquid dye to create our fabric.
Using All the Spray Paint on a Stencil for Pattern Play

How to apply the stain

You can apply a one-inch line directly to a fabric with an acetone-based solution — it will work especially well against stains on cotton fabrics.

To use your stain, dip a clean dish towel or a piece of aluminum foil into the stain mixture and wet the fabric. Wipe away the excess. Repeat this process several times over a two-week period.

How long does it take to wash?

The dye should be absorbed inside a few hours. Once the dye has absorbed into a fabric, it will be slightly stained as it dries. The stain will not fade away and is likely to linger for a few days in the fabric.

When should I discard the stain?

The stain should not be discarded. The dye will be absorbed inside a few hours. Once the dye has absorbed into a fabric, it will be slightly stained as it dries.

Where can I find my sample?

Take our samples to any of our stores. We can arrange for a private test.

Dye Works samples (purchase)

If you have questions, we recommend you call us at 513-236-2283 or 800-921-6750.

We hope you find our material helpful from a color theory perspective. Please note that we don’t provide technical information or color testing. If you need further assistance or want to discuss color theory with Color Theory Consultants, please call us at 513-236-2283.

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