Can you do spray paint art on canvas?



(Billy Bob)

Tampa, FL I make art and do sketching and graphic design. If you want to get art done send me an email. I do graphic design for my own website,

Can you help me? I have a big problem. I’m a college freshman. I don’t have much money so the only solution is a grant by one of my teachers. And when my mom tells me to go to a school I don’t want to go to, I won’t go. Can you help me?

I just want to know what kind of help is available to me! I have a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. Do you know of any local artists that can help me? Any school that I could apply to? I’m interested in learning about illustration.

I have a very strong and bright mind. I’d like to go to college in illustration at a school that is in a better part of Florida? Help me learn about illustration so I can pursue this dream. Thanks!

Thank-you so much for your help. I have a couple of questions that I’m not sure what to ask, though, so I’m wondering if it would help if I ask all of them?

Can I order your art?

I have a lot of questions so I’d like to know more about how it works if I just purchase your stuff. Do you sell prints or digital prints?

I don’t know about a way to get a high resolution print. This would be something I would want to print myself when I go to my local gallery, how many prints do you have?

What is a good way to order art from you? You could link to me somewhere and i can order it directly from you.
Black spray cans spray paint on transparent Vector Image

Hello! My name is Michelle and I am the artist on my website. I would like to buy custom canvas prints from you. I have no experience in art or canvas printing or anything that you guys have. I’m a 21-year old senior in Florida with a BPA in business. Currently, I’m working on the transition to college, so I’d like to know if it is feasible for me to go to a school that has art classes. Please let me know. Thanks!

Thanks so much for everything, you are such a helpful and great person! I am a full-time art teacher